Wartune is a RPG browser game, no download. Players play roles as castellans leading armed forces in the game. It’s said that the castellans turn the tide at the end of the world war, maintaining the peace of territory while the Devil invaded the human mainland.

We invite you to get your 4000 Balens to get a boost in Wartune world. You will receive also some class specific bonus items and 30 VIP days. The first 500 players will get an extra 1000 Balens.

Just Click here and follow the steps.

The code works on all servers of Wartune, and all companies (ex. r2games, kabam, aeriagames, miniclip, game321, koramgame and others).

You have to Share this giveaway on your social networks using the buttons from the right or at the bottom of the page.

After you get the code, you log in the game and click on the Hot Events icon in the top right of the screen like in the image below
Next step is to Paste the code into the 1st box that appears like in the image below.